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How to edit automated captions on TikTok (2022)

How to edit the automated captions on Tiktok vlog by Cakeshop Media

Captions and including them in your video content is becoming more important as content creators make sure their videos are accessible to everyone.

After all, there’s no use in creating video content that can’t be enjoyed by everyone and in our latest blog, we show you how to edit the automated captions on TikTok.

What are captions?

Captions (or subtitles) is the text that is included in your video, that details in written form what is being said in the video.

They’re time-coded to the video and synced so they appear at the right place and time.

Users also have the option to turn them off and on at their discretion, although this depends on the platform you’re watching the video.

For example, YouTube gives you the option to control whether you see captions whereas TikTok does not.

Why are captions important?

Facebook has reported that by adding captions to your video, you could see as much as a 12 percent increase in engagement on your video.

They also inform us that 85% of videos on their platform are watched on mute.

Well, why would you watch a video on mute?

One of the main reasons is the popularity of checking your social media either first thing in the morning, or late at night. But both activities share one thing in common, these times of the day are very quiet and family or loved ones may be sleeping.

So to enjoy the video content without waking up those next to you, captions are preferred.

How do you edit the automated captions on TikTok?

Head to the top of our page and watch our video or head directly to our YouTube channel (don’t forget to subscribe) to find out how to edit automated captions on TikTok for 2022.

Enjoy our video and tell us in the comments whether or not you prefer watching videos with or without captions.

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